Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Curious Case of the Jag That Parked in the Daytime

Two weeks into the 7/7 Inquests and we've heard about the strange lack of CCTV footage of any of the four accused from the day, the even stranger account of the police investigation which led to the car park in Luton before the accused had been identified at King's Cross Thameslink station, the lack of interest in pursuing and interviewing a 'fifth man' and now we have the strange case of a Jaguar at Luton that seems to appear there at the same time as the accused on both 28 June 2005 and 7 July 2005.

Before the Inquests started no CCTV footage had been released showing how three of the accused, Khan, Tanweer and Lindsay, made their journey to Luton Station on 28 June 2005, a journey touted as a dummy run or rehearsal for 7/7.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by J7 asking for precisely these details was refused by the Home Office.

The Official Home Office report into the events of 7/7 (the "narrative") states:
Other aspects of the planning

65. There appears to have been at least one recce visit to London on 28 June by Khan, Tanweer and Lindsay, but not Hussain. They made a similar journey from Luton to King’s Cross early in the morning and travelled on the underground. They are picked up on CCTV near Baker Street tube station later in the morning and returning to Luton at lunch time. Lindsay was later found to have a chart of times taken to travel between stations which he might have written during this recce. Tickets found at 18 Alexandra Grove also suggest visits to London in mid-March.

66. Other things suggest discipline and meticulous planning with good security awareness including careful use of mobile phones and use of hire cars for sensitive activities associated with the planning of the attacks. There are some indications that Khan was worried about being under surveillance during this time.

Source: Report of the Official Account of the Bombings in London on 7th July 2005
At some point in early 2011, the Inquests will hear the evidence regarding how the events of 7 July 2005 were investigated, so it might be worth bearing in mind events that occurred in Luton car park on these two days.

Perhaps the Inquests will also help explain why men so 'worried about being under surveillance' would hang on to their tickets from a journey to London in mid March, and also how these tickets came to be found in 18 Alexandra Grove, the alleged 'bomb factory', a location that apparently wasn't used until June 2005, some three months later.

In his Opening Statement to the Inquests, Mr Hugo Keith QC, felt the need to mention Conspiracy Theories that have arisen around the lack of released CCTV footage and the quality of the footage that had. He continued:
[MR KEITH] Turning to the CCTV which appears to be the object of the substantial bulk of the claims, there is nothing to suggest that, where there is CCTV missing, this reflects anything other than the fact that many CCTV systems do not continuously record.

Where there is CCTV missing, Mr Keith? Such as King's Cross underground station, the McDonalds visited by Hasib Hussain, the number 91 and 30 buses that Hussain is alleged to have boarded, as well as at significant moments in Luton station car park on the morning of 7 July 2005.

Whilst we have no evidence to suggest that there is anything sinister about the coincidental movements of a dark-coloured Jaguar at Luton station on the mornings of both 28 June 2005 - the 'rehearsal' - and 7 July 2005, there is plainly evidence of more than a lack of 'recording continuously'.

What is evident is the editing of the CCTV footage at significant moments, which begs the questions:

What precisely is being cut from this footage, and Why?

Jaguar at Luton station car park from J7 Truth Campaign on Vimeo.

Update: The graphic below shows:
  1. The last frame of CCTV footage before the cut,
  2. The first frame of CCTV footage after the cut,
  3. An animated panel that cycles through images 1 & 2.
Graphic showing the CCTV frames before and after the cut


  1. Hi Bridget,
    Very interesting video. However I can't find this section in your video (Cam26 showing the Jag on 7/7/05 from 06/51/45 - 06/52/38) on the Coroner's inquest website. Has it been removed or did you get that footage from somewhere else?

  2. The 28/6 Luton Car Park CCTV was released at the Inquests - the 7/7 footage was released by the MPS a couple of years ago. You can view this video on the J7 Vimeo here:

  3. well spotted Bridget. Of course, upon viewing it, it is so obvious to spot. nevertheless, well-done to you and whoever else for pesisting with this.

  4. More excellent detective work from J7. It may be nothing. But it may be something and questions need to be asked and answered.

    Such as:
    - does a new car park next to Tanweer's during the 76 seconds black out? (If so, whose is it etc?)
    - why does the CCTV cut out for 76 seconds?
    - did the Jaguar leave the car park, stop for a while or park up?

    One request: could someone enlarge the picture of the parked cars before and after the blackout and post them side by side for comparison. I can't tell from the film posted whether a new vehicle is present or not. Even if not, the Jaguar's movements are suspicious. As is the timing of the blackout: just as the Jaguar is approaching the point at which it could turn into the supposed parking space...

  5. One request: could someone enlarge the picture of the parked cars before and after the blackout and post them side by side for comparison.

    Done. The image for comparison has been added to the post, below the original video.

  6. Thanks, TA. That's useful.

    From the comparison between the two pictures it is clear that a new dark coloured car does park beyond Tanweer's (whose car also appears to move slightly further into its space). One can clearly see the wheel - it looks like the front - of a new dark car with a long bonnet (suggesting a vehicle of above average length) in frot of the pale coloured car that does not move. The new car's shape is difficult to discern but the tone (ie dark colour) and length are all consistent with the Jaguar seen waiting and then moving toward the other two cars just before the edit.

    Another possibile explanation for the new car, which would not rule out the potential importance of the Jaguar, is that the Jaguar stopped and left before the 76 seconds elapsed and the new car is an unrelated new vehicle.

    Either way, the fact and timing of the edit, coupled with the unusual behaviour of the Jaguar, and the appearance of a new unknown car next to Tanweer's (albeit apparently one or two vacant parking spaces away) are very suspicious.

  7. Bridget,
    Well done for this But I have a slight
    problem with the chronology.

    You show how Lindsay’s Fiat Brava enters Luton
    car-park at 6.49, and parks.
    Then a mere three minutes later at 6.52
    the blue Micra arrives from Leeds and parks next to the Jag
    next to that.

    The Official Account has :
    05.07 Lindsay arrives at Luton Station in his Fiat Brava.
    Then at 6.49 The Micra from Leeds enters car park and parks next to the Fiat Brava.
    How can these accounts be squared?

    other 'official narrative' times:
    1) Lindsay falls asleep,gets a parking ticket at 5.53
    2) Later at 06.45 he is inside Luton station. (3.55 on the J7 video,

    So on the Official Account I suppose the
    Micra has to park next to an empty car while Lindsay is wandering around inside the station?

    It is hard to make sense of this....

    ......any ideas please?

  8. Lindsay moves his car into the position we see in the video after leaving the station at 6.45. The chronology according to the released CCTV is:

    06:40.59 "GL" enters station
    06:45:12 "GL" leaves station
    06:46:18 "GL" reaches car
    Moves car:
    06:48:40 car backs out

    Parks again:
    06:49:52 car parks

    The official HO report has:

    06.49: The Micra arrives at Luton and parks next to the Brava.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Thanks.....but I can't make sense of GL getting a parking ticket and going for a stroll into the station before the others arrive.
    I don't get it.
    Did he arrive, leave and come back again?

  10. The parking ticket was apparently issued at 5.53 whilst Lindsay was asleep in his car. Going into the station could be checking the departure/arrival boards.

  11. Studying the footage it's quite obvious the the Jaguar is preparing to park up next to the accused's car. If not, only a frame or two later it would career into the other parked cars! It is clearly approaching on a wide vector in order to turn into the space.

    Also, regarding the excuse that not all cameras continuously record? That is pure clutching at straws, the footage has been blatantly edited. Where is this missing footage? The million dollar question. I was thinking about submitting a FOI request to release it but it seems that there would be very little point.

    The fact that the Jaguar appears on both days at the same time as the accused surely merits further investigation? Even stranger is the way it pulls off at the same time as the accused's car arrives. Fishy...

    Still, nothing to see here, move along...If there's nothing to hide then release the footage! After all, that's what they continually tell us in order to infringe on our rights isn't it?!

    1. @ huxleypig I was thinking about submitting a FOI request to release it but it seems that there would be very little point.

      I think you should submit a FOI request for the missing footage - the more people who do so the less reason the MPS have to refuse to release it.

  12. Is there any CCTV footage showing the number of individuals 'getting out of' the Micra and Brava on 7/7?

    Is there CCTV footage of the Jaguar on any days other than 28/06 and 07/07?

  13. @ Postkey You can watch the released video here: from around 6.25 in you can try and figure out how many men emerge from the cars, it's very unclear footage.

    No, there is no other video released other than 28/6 & 7/7 as the former is the apparent 'test run'.