Sunday, 7 July 2013

7/7 London Bombings: Eight Years On - Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Facts

July 7th 2013 marks the eighth anniversary of 7/7/2005, the day of the event referred to as the London bombings.  It also happens to coincide with Andy Murray's 7/7 win at Wimbledon, making him the first British man to win Wimbledon for - wait for it - 77 years.  The boy from Dunblane done good.  (The last British person to win Wimbledon was Virginia Wade in the Silver Jubilee year of '77, which was also Wimbledon's centenary year and marked by the queen in attendance at the final for the first time since her coronation.)

In the eight years that have passed since 7 July 2005, superficially, nothing much has changed. The 7/7 narrative stands as it has done since three months after the event occurred, accepted and unchallenged.  Beneath the surface, however, a great deal has changed, albeit not with the official conspiracy theory.  The official 'narrative' of events, aside from amendments the government was forced to make to it as a result of challenges to its authenticity made by J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, remains unchanged and, unbelievably, unproven to any degree by any of the evidence released since.  

However, in the wider historical and political context of what are routinely dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' about State vaunted narratives, since 2005 a good number of other political challenges to dominant narratives have been revealed to be not as the imaginings of wild-eyed loons, but 'conspiracy facts'.   The tough question here with regard to these new conspiracy fact things is quite where to start with them and at what point to end to ensure that sufficient depth and breadth of coverage has been given to each, and to an exploration of the logical implications that necessarily follow a new understanding of historically significant events.

The Irish Conspiracy Theories

Before Islam featured in earnest in the list of mythical enemies against which we must all unite, its predecessors were the Irish who, the narrative of the time held, were responsible for unleashing untold violence on mainland Britain in service of clearly stated political objectives.  In some cases they did, but many cases tell a different story.  Since 2005 we have learned that the IRA and its political wing, Sinn Fein, were infiltrated to the extent that as many as one quarter of its membership were in some way cooperating, collaborating—nay, conspiring—with the British police, army and security services.  

If the IRA leadership becomes the focus then the level of infiltration by the British State rises to an incredible 50%. So, with regard to the 'Irish enemy' the chances are that they were nowhere near as menacing as made out to be and, in cases where they might have been, the State would have had - at the very least - oversight of any planned activities, through to involvement in those actions against subjects and UK residents.  This is not to say that the IRA didn't conduct attacks, just that politically motivated attacks tend to be aimed at political targets rather than innocent civilians, the latter has overtones of Operation Gladio's strategy of tension.

Consider also that many of the crimes attributed to the IRA, for which people were illegally and unjustly convicted and whose convictions were eventually overturned, and for which they suffered extended periods of imprisonment, have - like the 7/7 bombings - to this day not yet had one person justly and successfully prosecuted for their commission. 

The conspiracy theories about 'Irish terror' of old are the conspiracy facts of today.

The Iraq Conspiracy Theories

It was in 2005 that Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie became Founding Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition that examined the issue of extraordinary rendition and other related issues of State criminality.  Tyrie quoted the 'right honourable' Jack Straw MP as saying:
"Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States… there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom had been involved in rendition."

In late October 2012 Ian Cobain, in his book Cruel Brittainia, disclosed that Britain had been advised "within days" of 11th September 2001 of the American's plans to abduct 'suspects' and transport them to secret military prisons around the world.  Cobain also revealed that "MI5 and MI6 officers carried out around 100 interrogations at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Guantanamo's Camp Seven didn't officially exist for two years owing to a conspiracy to keep its existence secret, and it is there the CIA abuses and violates 'interrogates' its 14 choice alleged 'terrorists' and for which a $49 million request for a Camp Seven revamp has recently been submitted by the United States Southern Command.

In light of these revelations it's worth re-considering Jack Straw's words:
"Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States… there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom had been involved in rendition."

For the avoidance of doubt and in Straw's own words, everyone was right to believe in the rendition and torture "conspiracy theories"; right to believe "that the officials [were] lying"; right to believe that "[Jack Staw was] lying" and, further, right to believe "there is some kind of secret state which is league with some dark forces in the United States."  

Another so called conspiracy theory was, in a relatively short period of time, exposed as a conspiracy fact.  Better still, we have in the words of Jack Straw official confirmation of the existence of a "secret state" that operates hidden from public view, thereby making the age old "conspiracy theory" about the existence of an international Secret State, officially, a "conspiracy fact".

The Police Infiltrators Conspiracy Theories

Activists, usually of a left-wing persuasion, have long been the common enemy of capitalism and States that exist only to defend capital, property and private interests from those who necessarily have to go without to maintain the imbalance, have routinely been an issue, as far back as the Walsall Anarchists and beyond.  The State tries to persuade us that those that have human rights, workers' rights, animal rights - in fact any sorts of rights that the State, in service of capital, seeks to deny while simultaneously denying it is doing so - are malicious and malevolent people, bent on violence and menace to achieve their goals.  

The reality is very different most of the time, and on the occasions when it isn't, the years since 2005 have revealed many instances when it has been at the behest, not of committed political activists seeking to defend rights, but by State infiltrators who act as the protagonists and provide the means and method by which violent actions can be brought about.

Ongoing revelations about the depth and extent of the infiltration carried out by Bob Lambert, for example - who incidentally also happened to establish the Muslim Contact Unit (MCU) in 2002, whose existence seems to have not been reported until 20 July 2005 before receiving passing mention again in 2013 - offer a small insight into the nature of the State's conspiracy against activists, seekers of justice, the Irish, and now Muslims. Outstanding allegations again Lambert include an act of terrorism, perjury, assuming the identity of a dead child, and we should include his abuse of the women he misled into believing he was something and someone other than he was.

As yet, we have no idea what the real function of Lambert's Muslim Contact Unit, set-up three years before 7/7, might have been.  The parallels between the approach to activists and the way similar methods are applied to alleged 'terrorists' should inform everyone about how the State views challenges to its presumed authority.

Another conspiracy theory confirmed as conspiracy fact, and it's beginning to look like conspiracy is the default mode of operation in many ruling class circles.

And so it goes on

Many political challenges to State positions are often dismissed out of hand at the time as 'conspiracy theories'.  Recently, many of these conspiracy theories have, not for the first or last time, turned out to be 'conspiracy facts'.  And yet these 'conspiracy facts' are not related to relatively insignificant matters.  They relate directly to the dominant narratives championed by the State and the new Ministries of Propaganda formed by State and mainstream media broadcasters.

Conspiracy facts have overturned many received historical narratives intended to nudge the attitudes and opinions of the people in to a political worldview that ensures the status quo goes unchallenged.  As these illusory narratives melt away in tandem with any illusions that may have existed about the nature of the State and it's role in societies, so too melt away the last vestiges of the credibility of the State, its actors and its corporate co-conspirators.

While there may not be much by way of news and information about anything directly connected to the actual crimes that occurred on 7th July 2005, the story is far from over.  Freedom of information requests from concerned subjects insistent on chipping away at the tablet of State lies will continue; undoubtedly many will be refused as has happened in the past, we can but try. 

Eight years on from 7/7, J7's demand for a fully independent public inquiry, held outside of the terms of the Inquiries Act 2005, still stands, with added fervour now that the official Inquests process did not include the deaths of those accused of perpetrating the attacks in its scope.

J7's demand for the State to RELEASE THE EVIDENCE abides.


  1. I think it may be possible to add that evidence is now coming to light concerning the true nature of the disaster that unfolded at Hillsborough, Sheffield, and that a police cover-up followed, coupled with a campaign to malign the citizens of the city of Liverpool by Press and politicians.

    I think the "unlawful killing" of Azelle Rodney seems to mirror the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, in that an ill-conceived police operation resulted in an unnecessary death and an attempt by police to control the resulting press coverage and Inquiry.

    That the police and Press seemed to be somehow "co-operating" in the hacking of the phones of Victims and celebrities (all in the name of profit, Oops! Public Interest).

    Everyone knew of the problems in the Catholic Church, but sacrificing the sexual health of minors to protect the reputation of the Institution seems to have extended to the secular BBC, with the exploits of Jimmy Saville coming to prominence.

    There is some talk of "limited Hangout Operative" being banded about concerning the revelations of Edward Snowden, but it looks like GCHQ has been co-operating with the US NSA to gather every scrap of communication produced by everyone and anyone, from everywhere and anywhere, for no good reason.



  2. First class stuff. But since the guardians of the state's sectrets stall cannot be persuaded to reveal the names of the accompices (suspected SB agent-provocateurs) to Walsaal bomb plot some 130 years later, I doubt that asking nicely will produce a better result for 7/7.

    You're doing a damn good job nonetheless. Thanks

  3. Stephen: All of the examples you list were planned for inclusion in the conspiracy facts detail, but the article was already quite lengthy and had to end somewhere.

    We have a comment thread though, so thank you for expanding the list to include the Hillsborough conspiracy, the Azelle Rodney execution and cover-up conspiracy facts, the phone hacking conspiracy facts, the child abuse within the Catholic church conspiracy facts, and the conspiracy facts regarding Jimmy Saville's crimes while he was in extended employment with the BBC and high-faluting with royalty, prime minister's and other senior political figures.

    Without looking too far, it looks like 'conspiracy facts' are to be found in many aspects of the daily news.

    Wikispooks: Thanks for the comment and praise for J7, and for pointing out that the infiltrators in the case of the Walsall Anarchists continue to remain unknown.

    Thanks also for maintaining WikiSpooks, a useful resource without which the aside about Lambert's Muslim Contact Unit might not have made it into the article.

  4. The main agent-provocateur in the Walsall Anarchists 'plot' is known & was Auguste Coulon, it's just that the state hasn't admitted that such conspiracy facts exist.

    A special branch historian, Lindsay Clutterbuck, in his thesis: 'The Evolution of Counter Terrorism Methodology in the Metropolitan Police from 1829 to 1901, With Particular Reference to the Influence of Extreme Irish Nationalist Activity' has documented the machinations of Coulon & others....

    Clutterbuck's thesis is one for Wikispooks to host.

    Other plots now known to feature crown agent-provocateurs include the Jubilee Plot of 1887 & the Alice Wheeldon/Plot to kill PM Lloyd George of 1916.

    I doubt 'the state' has ceased such modi operandithese days.

    Thanks for all your work, J7.

    1. Thank Rennald.
      My observations on the Walsall Bomb Plot relied principally on Alex Butterworth's "The World That Never Was" - a cracking and thoroughly recommended read. In his research for the book he submitted an FOI request to the MPS for access to specific ledgers covering payments to 'informers' during the plot period. He was told they "no longer existed". Soon after he came upon a doctoral thesis by an ex-MPI Superintendent, the contents of which made it clear that they DID exist. A further FOI request followed and was refused. An appeal against that decision was upheld and copies of the relevant ledgers finally released - But with ALL the relevant names redacted - so just dates code names and amounts. THAT is how paranoid (if that's the right word) our Lords and masters are. Getting genuinely honest, relevant information out of them on anything they deem 'sensitive', is next to impossible - even after 130 years!

    2. Hmmm.
      It appears that the Police officer referred to in Alex Butterworth's book above was none other than Lindsay Clutterbuck who now works for - wait for it - The Rand Corporation

  5. From Lambert's St. Andrews profile

    In January 2002, together with a colleague Lambert set up the Muslim Contact Unit (MCU), with the purpose of establishing partnerships with Muslim community leaders both equipped and located to help tackle the spread of al-Qaida propaganda in London. This role enabled him to participate in some pioneering and successful counter-terrorism community engagement projects. It also provided Lambert with opportunities to support Muslim community groups when they have faced Islamophobic attacks. In recognition he was presented with the first ‘Friends of Islam’ Award by Dr. Abdul Bari, chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain, at the annual Global, Peace and Unity event in November 2007 and a ‘Building Bridges’ award at Islam Expo in July 2008. In June 2008 he was awarded an MBE for his police service.

    In October 2005 Lambert embarked on a parallel academic project, researching key aspects of MCU partnership experience. In January 2010 he was awarded a PhD for The London Partnerships: an insider’s analysis of legitimacy and effectiveness in the Department of Politics at the University of Exeter. This followed a path of part-time academic activity: in 2004 he was awarded a distinction for his MA dissertation on early modern English encounters with Islam at Birkbeck College, University of London; and in 2002, 1st class honours for an inter-disciplinary European cultural history BA at the Open University.

    Who is the unnamed colleague with whom Bob Lambert established the Muslim Contact Unit?

  6. Who is the unnamed colleague with whom Bob Lambert established the Muslim Contact Unit?

    Was it Jim Boyling

    From here (more links therein):

    "The relationship with Boyling was perhaps especially close, as BristleKRS noted:

    Both Boyling and Lambert are accused of lying to courts to preserve their cover; both Boyling and Lambert duplicitously entered into sexual relationships with activists on whom they were spying; both Boyling and Lambert sired children by these women. Is this coincidence, or an indication of the nature of the training Lambert offered his protégés?

    Their work together continued beyond infiltrating activists. After devoting the major part of their careers to undercover work they abruptly shifted focus, setting up the Muslim Contact Unit in January 2002. This police outfit is aimed at building bridges with muslims and muslim communities. And maybe that's all it is.

    But if I were the police, wanting to have undercover officers in muslim groups in the wake of 9/11, I'd have to think of a new tactic. Having a legion of trained white folks wouldn't help me be surreptitious. So, what if they openly approached muslims as police but had this nice supportive role? They would then be well placed to identify people who could become a ring of informants. They would also be highly trained and very experienced at the tricks and tactics of gaining people's trust and making them confess things they want to keep secret.

    I have absolutely no evidence that's what the Muslim Contact Unit is. I just find it very peculiar that, of all the available officers, they chose two of the country's most experienced undercover infiltrators to set up and run it."

  7. ,,,Since 2005 we have learned that the IRA and its political wing, Sinn Fein, were infiltrated to the extent that as many as one quarter of its membership were in some way cooperating, collaborating—nay, conspiring—with the British police, army and security services.,,,

    this is totally bias ,, don't you also not think the same amount of legally binding British from those same departments were working cobalt for the Republicans ,?? ,, it works both ways ,, ask ian pasley ,,