Monday 3 October 2011

New 7/7 Video by Tom Secker, 7/7: Crime and Prejudice

A recently released film about the subject of 7/7, based on the researches and investigations of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, which includes details of the British State's history of collusion and complicity in previous terrorist attacks, coverage of related news and stories, as well as information about the proceedings that took place at the 7/7 Inquests:
A brand new investigative and analytical documentary from the maker of 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction. It explores the 7/7 cold case via new evidence from the recent inquests and discusses the war on terror in the context of numerous miscarriages of justice and acts of violence committed by the state.

The first section of the film examines the history of the British state's use of double agents, from the Victorian Anarchists through WW2 to the war in Northern Ireland. It concludes by examining contemporary cases of injustice and violence carried out as part of the war of terror against Muslims. 

The second section of the film is a multi-dimensional study of the new evidence made available at the recent inquests. It looks at the evidence of a wider conspiracy and the fundamental flaws in the official narrative and the police investigation. It also discusses why the dialogue about 'intelligence failures' itself fails to address the very real possibility of state involvement in the attacks. 

The final section of the film returns to the Anarchists and the case of Martial Bourdin, Britain's first suicide bomber, in 1894. The mythology surrounding Bourdin is used as a foundation for examining the numerous films, tv shows training exercises and real life events that either predicted 7/7 or were influenced by the attacks. The question of conspiracy theories is addressed through an original analysis unique to this film. 

7/7 Crime and Prejudice combines a presentation of the cutting edge of July 7th research with a deeply contextual analysis that casts light on largely unexamined aspects of the war on terror. 

For further information about 7/7 please visit the website of the July 7th Truth Campaign and their dedicated 7/7 Inquests blog:


  1. I've now watched two videos by Tom Secker on this subject and i really respect the way these videos are produced. Its nice to have a change from people just ranting on about rubbish, i'd much rather know the fact, thanks for that. You could actually share this without looking like too much of a nut.

    1. lol - thanks for the review, I'm definitely watching now...

  2. great video..
    i know this site is 7/7 but i believe 911 is linked, and it is if we believe AQ did it.
    also the 911 inside job evidence is overwhelming. I read 'the enemy within' by gore vidal...fantastic, and also Nafeez on 911.

    I have also thought 7/7 was an inside job too because of J7 info and others.
    ..a lihop or a mihop ( more likely a mihop by mossad) But what amazes me is this: if Nafeez can write all that about 911 and aq , then why does he obviously hold back on 7/7 when bliar was the right hand man of bush, and lied to us re 45mins and wmd etc and the scenarios were very similar. strange indeed.. I also reckon hes way too cosy with govt, maybe he recalls what happened to kelly and robin cook.
    ...btw maybe flight 93 was supposed to crash into B7 ( thats why it also collapsed but without a cover up crash,) and got shot down because the coverup broke down by then.
    Similarly 7/7 was an outside- in job by mossad, we need another term as mihop is not it...It was a dual helix job, lihop+mihop, the mihop c4 was the pro job, and the lihop job, was to get the patsies into position for the demonisation to follow..just like 911.
    Wether the lihop bit was a only an exercise, or if it was real, i dont know,but this dual idea fits with the latest behaviours of the govt. the ss is intertwined and with aq. the only question for some is what is their real intentions...we could guess by seeing who benefitted...i know what i think.

  3. God save us. Whose guarding the guards?

  4. Replies
    1. Looks like the original disappeared.

      The links have been fixed and you can watch the video re-embedded above or on Vimeo.

    2. Thank you for sharing this film. We certainly do need a full and frank public inquiry to all the points that have been raised. Over 50 people have lost their lives, we owe it to them and their families. The whole truth must come out, and the guilty people exposed and prosecuted.